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Frank Davis

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Selling Your Piano?
Information Necessary to Answer
a Prospective Purchaser's Questions:

  1. List height in inches on vertical pianos from floor to top of cabinet.
    Vertical categories:
    Spinet - up to 39"
    Console - 40"- 44"
    Studio - 45"- 47"
    Full Upright - 48" and up

    On grand pianos list length in feet and inches from front of keys to furthest point in back of lid.
    Grand categories:
    Baby Grand - up to 5'6"
    Parlor/mid-sized Grand - 5'7" - 6'5"
    Concert Grand - 6'6" and up

  2. Give brand name and model if known, and serial number
    (usually a 6 or 7 digit # shown under the lid).

  3. Give age if known and if you bought it new or used.

  4. Condition of the cabinet: list major flaws and scratches and if the finish is satin (dull), semi-gloss, or high-gloss.

  5. List color: light, medium, dark brown (walnut) or reddish (mahogany), maple, oak, beige, black, white, etc.

  6. Have photo taken (in good light). Remove all distracting items (pictures, knick-knacks, etc). Leave lamp, if there is one on the piano.

  7. List any known defects in function: sticking keys, inoperable keys, chipped keys, broken parts.

  8. Is there a matching bench?

  9. Pricing should be realistic, but leave room to negotiate down. Know the value; ask me or another reputable tuner or dealer.

  10. Refer to a professional local mover (me!) for transport.

*Warning: Be careful not to allow purchaser to move it unless they have experience specifically with pianos. Pianos should not be moved without placing on a dolly: Metal wheels scratch wood floors - guaranteed - and front legs can break off by getting stuck in carpets, thresholds, etc.

*Be brief and direct - describe, don't embellish.

*People do not like items for sale to be misrepresented, whether inadvertently or deliberately. Be as accurate as possible to ensure no surprises for potential buyers. Remember, photos don't necessarily show defects.

*If a dealer shows interest, expect to sell the piano for a price much lower than the retail value.

*Places to advertise: NY Craig's List, L.I. Craig's List, E-bay, local Pennysavers.