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Piano Life Saver

A "Piano Life Saver" humidity control system will prolong the life of your piano by maintaining a level of humidity that is consistent with manufacturer's recommendations. By keeping the relative humidity at an average of 42% pianos stay in tune longer and pitch remains more constant. Installation takes less than 1 hour. Each system comes with a 5 year warranty.

Excessive humidity can lead to the following common problems - sticking keys, sluggish actions, rusty strings and other metal parts.

Excessively dry conditions can cause cracked sound boards and loose tuning pins (piano will not stay in tune).

Since Long Island's climate displays extreme humidity fluctuations from summer to winter, minimizing these fluctuations is the best way you can insure that your piano will last as long as possible.

Danger: Avoid placing pianos directly in front of baseboard heaters or in close proximity to actively used fireplaces. A humidity gauge (available from Radio Shack for under $30.) can help monitor temperature and humidity in the piano room. (68°F, 42% humidity is the ideal combination) Tuning stability is affected whenever these conditions vary.