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Frank Davis

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Piano Inventory
ALL PIANOS: come with a 1 year warranty and trade-up potential.
I am the person who does all the work!
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Grand Pianos

Baldwin Grand

1971, powerful tone, great value, reconditioned, bench included.


Yamaha G-1 Grand

Satin black, 5 1", responsive action, beautiful tone, great price, bench included.


Yamaha G-2 Grand

Satin black, 58", excellent condition inside and out, exceptional tone, bench included.


Vertical Pianos - Uprights and Studios (45" and Taller)

Schuman Studio

High gloss dark red mahogany finish, French Provincial style, cushioned bench, excellent touch and tone.


Weber Studio

45" high gloss dark red mahogany finish, rich tone, matching bench.


Yamaha U-1

48" tall, 1977, perfect condition, matching bench.


Yamaha U-3 Upright

52" tall, like new, reconditioned & refinished, responsive action, matching bench.


Vertical Pianos- Consoles (40"-44" Tall)

Sohmer Console

Maple finish, French Provincial style, exceptional tone, matching bench.


Yamaha Console

Satin maple finish, plays well, sounds good, matching bench, great price.


Budget Pianos

Hardman Console

Semi-gloss maple finish, French Provincial style, excellent touch and tone, looks and sounds great, matching bench.


Krakauer Console

Excellent sound, walnut finish, great price, matching bench.


Lester Spinet

Mahogany finish, works well, great starter, matching bench.


Sohmer Spinet

Plays well, walnut finish, very low price, matching bench.


Wurlitzer Console

Maple finish, looks and sounds good, matching bench.


Yamaha Spinet

Satin walnut finish, rare piano in excellent shape, matching bench, good tone, light touch, great starter.